Yoga & Safari Retreat in Botswana 

The Retreat

Embark on an unforgettable yoga and meditation journey to discover yourself in a unique Botswana setting. Experience safari tours to witness the breathtaking wildlife up close. Open your heart with a sunrise cacao ceremony as the desert awakens. Follow animal tracks at dusk, explore various yoga types, relax with a sound bath, indulge in vegetarian dishes, and take a break with like-minded individuals to recharge your batteries with positive intentions for the hectic everyday life.

Our retreats are personal and tailored to each participant. 
We share our experiences, guiding you to find personal satisfaction and serenity in life through conversations, journaling, and, most importantly, practicing yoga together. As the cherry on the cake, we have the opportunity to witness the magical wildlife of Botswana.

Feeling like you’re stuck at a crossroad in your life, not sure where you’re supposed to be going next?
Can’t figure out who you want to be or what that even looks like?

Work life balance is out of balance , the body is tired and not well the mind is stressed and you lack a feeling of connection to your soul and others. You feel lonely in this world.

You realize already for quite some time that this is too much and that you are not the person, partner, parent, business partner that you want to be, something needs to change otherwise you end up in a burnout, a divorce, loose your job and the connection with family and friends. 
Not happy with what you see in the mirror very stressed person. 
Lost connection with yourself.

If this is you – We love to invite you to join us for a very special retreat in beautiful Botswana. Within our sacred circle of like-minded people, you’ll find support, clarity, acceptance, and love while exploring your next grand adventure in life.

This amazing retreat will be touching on all aspects of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In this retreat, you can expect silent mornings with meditations,  Yoga breath work journeys. 
It’s an experience that will make your inner voice heard. They will guide you through a variety of different practices, from stillness to music-driven classes. You'll borrow from yoga in its spirit, mantras in its power, and breathwork for connection.

Each day is different. You will have enough time to integrate all the work you do and to enjoy and connect with the wonderful nature of Botswana and Simbabwe. It’s the simple life that leads to breakthroughs. You will work with nature's elements and also practice outside, go on walks, and explore the wildlife.

During this retreat you will have daily yoga classes with Camy, meditation, Yoga, mantra, and breathwork classes, as well as a cacao ceremony, sound healing, fire ceremony and time to design your own Japamala.

Together we’ll discover our truest selves and desires, and leave confident and ready to take our first steps on our new journey. 
Join us for this truly unique and intimate retreat for the restoration of the soul and clarity of the mind. 

Safari Experiences

At Munga Plains, every safari is an opportunity to reconnect with nature, to be humbled by its majesty, and to find inspiration in its timeless rhythms.
Prepare for a one-of-a-kind adventure in the Chobe region, where our exceptional location in the flooded plains just outside the national park opens up a world of extraordinary experiences.

Walk the Talk
Embark on an immersive walking safari in the captivating Chobe River area. Discover lush landscapes and encounter wildlife up close. Learn tracking skills, explore vibrant flora, and spot the Little 5. Witness zebras, elephants, giraffes, and more. Experience nature's beauty in a whole new way. Itineraries are carefully selected and monitored to ensure guests’ safety and peace of mind during the activity.

Feel the Thrill
Immerse yourself in the captivating flooded plains on a thrilling night game drive. Explore the nocturnal wonders as wildlife comes alive under the stars. Venture deep into the darkness, encountering elusive predators, graceful antelopes, and the haunting calls of hyenas. Unravel the secrets of this mystical realm and witness nature's resilience and beauty in the remote floodplains.

Go with the Flow
Float in serenity on a captivating Mokoro journey. Glide through peaceful channels, surrounded by stunning nature. Spot wildlife, listen to bird melodies, and learn about this cultural tradition. Surrender to the tranquility of the Mokoro and find inner peace on the water.

Into the Wold Heart of Africa
Journey into the untouched expanses of the Chobe River Front through our curated half-day game drives. Accessing the serene Ngoma gate, away from the common routes, we promise intimate wildlife sightings, tailored to your desires. Whether it's the mighty elephant herds or the stealthy felines, our expertly trained guides, hailing from our own guiding academy, ensure a personal and profound connection with the wilderness. With day trips extending to the magical Savuti, each drive becomes an odyssey of nature's wonders.

Village Tours
Immerse in the local culture, understanding the harmonious bond between the people and the land they call home.

Relish in traditional feasts under the starlit African sky, sharing stories and dances around a roaring fire.

Unique Retreat Location

Nestled within the vast, wild expanse of Chobe National Park in Botswana, Munga Plains offers a unique communion with nature and wildlife. A place where the modern world's frenzy fades, and time ebbs with the rhythm of the wilderness. Here, healing and adventure meld seamlessly, with the distant calls of the wild as your serenade.


Nature's Embrace Meets Comfort
Escape the ordinary and find a sanctuary in the wild. Munga Plains promises not just a stay but a journey—where every moment resonates with the soulful whispers of Africa.

Cozy Glamping Tents
Each tent is thoughtfully designed to balance rustic aesthetics with essential comforts. Imagine waking up to the sights and sounds of the savannah, right from the cozy confines of your tent.

Main Area for shared Moments Central to Munga Plains is our communal space—a place where stories are shared, laughter is exchanged, and connections deepend.

What is included

daily yoga classes with Camy
meditation, and breath work classes
safari tours
cacao ceremony
sound bath
authentic african food evening
nourishing brunch
seasonal vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dinner
water, coffee, teas, smoothie, fruits and snacks 
yoga mats, pillows and blankets

7 days and 6 nights stay in our charming retreat home with cozy glamping tents, nice loggia and terrace, big garden and large property surroundings

What can you expect as a result of a Retreat?

Embarking on a transformative journey in the heart of Botswana! 
Just arrived at this breathtaking yoga retreat nestled in the heart of the African wilderness. Surrounded by the symphony of nature, our days are filled with serene yoga sessions overlooking the vast landscapes, as the sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink.

Gain new insights and perspective about your purpose or direction in life
Gain clarity about your past, present and future
Release blockages in your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically
Reconnect with your inner feelings and allow emotions to come through
Break unhelpful daily life habits and learn new and healthier habits
Jumpstart your physical health and positive outlook, and gain the momentum to continue after you return home

You leave with a fully nourished body energyzed, more relaxed calm and more connected with heart and soul. In balance and with an understanding that this improved balance is necessary to be the most successful human and a calm caring person  of yourself and for others. You like yourself again and You leave with enough tools to take good care of yourself at home
Each morning, we salute the rising sun with sun salutations, feeling the energy of the savannah awaken around us. 

The gentle rustling of the wind and distant calls of wildlife become the soundtrack to our practice, creating a truly immersive and grounding experience.
After the revitalizing yoga sessions, we're embarking on thrilling safaris to witness Botswana's majestic wildlife in their natural habitat. 

From graceful giraffes to majestic lions, every encounter is a reminder of the beauty and diversity of life on this planet. The connection between nature, yoga, and the soul is profound, and we are grateful for the opportunity to experience it in such a unique setting.

Evenings are spent under the star-lit African sky, sharing stories around a crackling bonfire and reflecting on the day's adventures. This retreat is not just a physical journey but a soulful exploration, a chance to reconnect with oneself and nature in a way that only Botswana can offer.

Date 2024

Sunday, 30. June - Saturday 6.July 2024

Retreat Prices

Shared 2 bed double Tent 2’799 CHF
 2'499 CHF

Single Tent 3’299 CHF
2’999 CHF

Couple double Tent 5’599 CHF

Prices are per Person (excl. couple double tent).
Early bird Sale ends 29.02.2024

A personal note from the retreat organizer

 Join us in the heart of Africa for a journey like no other! 
As the organizer of this incredible Yoga Retreat in Botswana, I'm thrilled to invite you to this weeks of pure bliss and self-discovery.

Our retreat is not just about yoga; it's a celebration of life, nature, and the magic that happens when we slow down and savor the moments. Our talented and special retreat staff is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for you.

In Botswana, you'll have the chance to slow down, breathe deeply, and enjoy movement in various forms against the backdrop of stunning African landscapes. Immerse yourself in the unique sensations of the savannah and witness the breathtaking display of colors as the sun rises and sets.
Nourish your body and soul with nutritious food, mindfully and peacefully. 
Connect with amazing individuals from around the world, sharing stories, laughter, and the joy of being present in this moment.

These week are an opportunity to rest, reflect, learn, have fun, and ultimately leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and in the best of spirits. 

Join us in creating memories that will linger long after the retreat concludes.