Yoga & Human Design Retreat in Portugal

The Retreat

This amazing retreat will be touching on all aspects of our being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

In this retreat, you can expect silent mornings with meditations, yoga breathwork journeys, and under the canopy of olive trees. It’s an experience that will make your inner voice heard. They will guide you through a variety of different practices, from stillness to music-driven classes. 
You'll borrow from yoga in its spirit, mantras in its power, and breathwork for connection. 
Each day is different. You will have enough time to integrate all the work you do and to enjoy and connect with the wonderful algarve. It’s the simple life that leads to breakthroughs. 
You will work with nature's elements and also practice outside, go on walks, and explore the beaches. 

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Together we’ll discover our truest selves and desires, and leave confident and ready to take our first steps on our new journey. Join us for this truly unique and intimate retreat for the restoration of the soul and clarity of the mind

Located in the heart of a beautiful coastal region São Brás de Alportel, Faro, our retreat offers a variety of activities that allow you to connect with nature, hiking, surfing and golf. 

Our retreat includes daily yoga and meditation classes to help you ground yourself in the present moment and find inner peace. 

In addition to physical activities, our retreat also offers opportunities for spiritual growth and self-exploration. We offer Human Design reading session and a Cacao Ceremony to help you open your heart and listen to your inner voice.

We believe that what you put into your body is just as important as your physical practice, which is why we offer delicious organic meals that are locally sourced and thoughtfully prepared.
Our organic food is carefully selected and prepared by our in-house chefs to provide you with a nourishing and healthy culinary experience. All meals are included in your package, and we are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Our retreat home is designed to provide you with a serene and peaceful atmosphere for your time out. Our rooms are comfortable and cozy, and our communal spaces offer plenty of opportunities to connect with other guests.

Join us for an unforgettable yoga retreat in Portugal, where you can reconnect, manifest, restoration of the soul and clarity of the mind.
Relax in a beautiful and supportive environment.

Together we’ll discover our truest selves and desires, and leave confident and ready to take our first steps on our new journey. 

Teaching languages: 
english and german

Unique Retreat Location

The Eastern Algarve is generally regarded as the more unspoiled and traditional part of southern Portugal rather than the central region.  This is the secret heart of the Algarve with villages whose simple charms and whitewashed houses take you back in time. 
The sandy beaches of the Algarve are wonderful and there are plenty within a 20-30 minute drive  of the Manoir. Our favourite is Fuseta which is very much a “locals” beach and free of tourists. The water is clear and calm and the sand very clean and golden.

The Manoir

This 19th Century, Portuguese blue painted villa, framed with vines and hibiscus, sits majestically in a prominent position on a large, gated private Estate, in this unspoiled area of the Eastern Algarve, and yet only 25 minutes from Faro Airport!  The house has been lovingly restored - retaining its original features.

The living room with its comfortable furniture is just through the arch. The paintings and wall hangings have been chosen with care and each compliments the other. There is a wood burning stove for chilly evenings out of season.

The star of the show has to be the garden, the pool, the views and the seclusion. 
The outside areas are carefully tended with extensive lawns, olive, avocado and carob trees, vines, citrus and vegetables.  The private pool, with poolside furniture, is 16m long.

What is included

daily yoga classes with Camy
meditation, and breath work classes
cacao ceremony
human design basic reading
authentic Portuguese food evening
nourishing brunch
seasonal vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dinner
water, coffee, teas, smoothie, fruits and snacks 
yoga mats and blankets

6 days and 5 nights stay in our charming retreat home with cozy bedrooms, nice loggia and terrace, big garden, privat pool, and large property surroundings

What can you expect as a result of a Retreat?

Feel more relaxed, refreshed, and energized after the retreat
Gain new insights and perspective about your purpose or direction in life
Gain clarity about your past, present and future
Release blockages in your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically
Reconnect with your inner feelings and allow emotions to come through
Break unhelpful daily life habits and learn new and healthier habits
Jumpstart your physical health and positive outlook, and gain the momentum to continue after you return home

You leave with a fully nourished body energyzed, more relaxed calm and more connected with heart and soul. In balance and with an understanding that this improved balance is necessary to be the most successful human and a calm caring person  of yourself and for others. You like yourself again and You leave with enough tools to take good care of yourself at home


Monday, 02. september -
Saturday, 07.september

Monday, 09.september -
Saturday, 14.september

Monday, 16.september - 
Saturday, 21.september

Retreat Prices

Shared 2 bed double room
1'999 CHF
Early bird Sale
1’299 CHF

Single room
2'499 CHF
Early bird Sale
1’799 CHF

Couple double room
3799 CHF
Early bird Sale
’899 CHF

Prices are per Person 
(excl. couple double room).

Early bird sale ends